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Alpaca Wacka
01-17-2010, 10:24 PM
This is cross posted from another message board, but I thought it might be useful here! Recently I planned and executed a three tiered wall pocket to hang on the side of the cupboards near the fridge-all in one day. I was inspired in part by this post I ran across recently: http://brightandblithe.wordpress.com...ortertutorial/

This answers some serious organizational problems in our house. It removes clutter from the fridge and our counter. We've always struggled with controling the amount of papers floating around our home. The pattern matches the blue in my kitchen just so, and there are more than enough pockets for what we need. I suppose one might argue that the papers poking out of the pockets could be considered untidy looking-but it's so much better than stacks of paper all over the bar and stuck to the fridge!


It measures approximately 36 x 20 inches. I used a yard of a really sumptious Amy Butler print. There are two rows of three roughly 6 inch wide pockets, designed to hold our: Mail, Bills, Receipts, Coupons, Cash envelopes. At the base are two larger pockets about 9 inches wide each. These hold important papers we aren't quite ready to put away and school related stuff like the meal calendar, etc.



I'm no real seamstress, but it still only took me about 3 hours from start to finish. The construction is very basic. I simply finished the edges on the back peice and then added pockets to the front by finishing the edges of the pocket layer and then sewing that down to the back peice. The width of each pocket is 1 to 2 inches more at the top than the bottom to help accomodate thicker stacks of papers. I sewed a line to divide each pocket from its mates in the row.

We sewed a loop into the top of the fabric to accomodate a short length of hand rail. Hand rail has a flat edge. That edge sits on top of the 1.5 inch shelf supports (small "L" shaped brackets) we screwed into the cabinet. Currently, we have NOT screwed the hand rail down to the shelf supports-I suppose if it falls off, we will consider doing so, but for now I like it that its easily removable. I'd estimate the whole thing (even with expensive decorator fabric like this) cost us less than $20 to make.