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07-10-2016, 03:34 PM
Just new here and finding way around .. I tried to search to see if this has been asked before and hopefully not repeating. I make a few wooden signs and want to copy a quote rather than use a decal (which I normally do) any tips as to the best and easiest way to transfer the quote ? And one word is in white ? I have tried laser jet and that was a fail.. Is stencilling the best ? I have spent hours and hours trying to find an easy way. Thanks

Chris in Vt
07-11-2016, 07:24 AM
There are methods for transferring designs or words directly onto wood, but anything that is white would be clear and the wood would be what is seen.

One easy method is to use wax paper and an inkjet printer. Take your saying or image on your computer and reverse it. Then print it out on the wax paper cut to size of an 8 1/2x11 sheet of paper. Carefully take your finished print and tape one edge to the wood and use a rubber squeegee to rub the image onto the wood. Once you start, do not let the wax paper move though, or the image will become blurred.

07-14-2016, 05:07 AM
Thank you
I will try the wax paper method for sure - I did try the inkjet with water and that was a failure - your way sounds a lot more doable :) thanks so much

07-16-2016, 06:01 PM
Using waxed paper is a good way to transfer the image. Here is another method that uses acrylic medium and also works. This post goes into more detail on reversing images.

Text and pictures can be used as images to transfer, mirrored through software, and printed on plain paper
Word processing applications will print various combinations of fonts and font sizes
Font size may appear to maximize at 72 points, however; the font size can usually be edited to a larger size
To mirror text:
In Microsoft Word 2013: Select Insert>Word Art> type "My Text Image" > (right click object and) go to Select 3-D rotate> Rotate on the X axis 180s
To mirror an image (perhaps a photocopy of a recipe clipping):
In Microsoft Word 2013; select the image, grab one side of the image then, pull it horizontally and past the other side

With a soft brush, carefully and evenly apply acrylic medium transfer gel to the entire lightly sanded wood surface receiving the image.
Place the image side of the paper onto the wet wood surface where you want the image. Carefully work the paper with a dry brush, brayer, or your fingers to push out bubbles and flatten the gel under the paper. Try to keep the gel off the paper but, allow the gel to go to the edges of the wood. This will ease the removal of paper and provide an even acrylic finish across the entire piece of wood.
Allow ample time for the paper to dry. Overnight is best.
Work with one section at a time.
Very gently blot the paper with a damp, soft cotton towel. Get the paper moist but not soggy. You will see the image start to show through the paper.
Gently rub the paper with a damp or dry towel to remove the dampened paper. You can also use your fingers to roll away the loose paper. Be careful to leave the image intact. Take your time as you carefully remove the paper.
Repeat this process, section by section, till the paper is removed then, allow it to dry.
After the image is completely dry (about an hour), you will be able to see the areas that you missed. Gently moisten and remove the remaining paper. This step may have to be repeated.
When the image is completely visible and everything is dry, remove dust and residue with a Dust Buddy or similar product.
To protect the image, seal it with a protective coating like Mod Podge, Tung Oil, or a spay coating.


07-18-2016, 04:14 AM
Awesome thank you Michael, I do have a gel medium here too I will definitely give this a go as well. Thanks so much