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07-28-2016, 08:59 AM
Hello Everyone!
Thank you for permitting me to join you.
Ok, so I'm aging (aren't we all), and these 75 year ole' eyes are needing better lighting than they use to..I need recommendations from you "crafty" ones for a good portable (being small enough in size) task light to take with me on vacation & to bring from room to another as needed.(DH likes me to sit with him when he watches tv) while I on the other hand must be 'doing' (accomplishing) something productive as I sit! :knit: ( actually I don't knit but there's no emoji for my task) but I do embroidery & embellishments on little toddler girls clothing to donate to little ones who are orphaned, in foster homes, & impoverished.

So which one of you out there has & absolutely loves an awesome small, table task light they've been using, like forever, that is still available to purchase and that I can still easily get light bulbs for?

I need to get busy & get my light & bulbs in here...Oh, and I'm a big Amazon Prime shopper, so I'm game to order one off there if it's available.
Thank you so much