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01-15-2017, 05:17 PM
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N. Usa (North United States of America)

About me:

Name: Jason

Where I am from: N. Usa

Where I live: N. Usa

Where I was born: N. Usa

11 bands I love music from:
The Rolling Stones
The Beatles
The Beach Boys
Reverend Horton Heat
REO Speedwagon
Motley Crue

5 hobbies I do:
Learning GML (Game Maker Language)

Learning Haxe programming language in the Flash game making program named Stencyl

Eating spicy food

Watching YouTube videos

Looking up stuff on Google such as cheat codes

6 questions I have for all especially staff members

#1: Is linking to a completely safe to visit website ever permitted?

#2: Did you know that V does not come after Z in The American Alphabet?

#3: Is linking to completely legal downloadable stuff that is completely safe on this message board's forums permitted?

#4: What are the rules regarding links in signatures?

#5: Is posting YouTube videos permitted on this message board's forums?

#6: Is linking to one's ownself's YouTube videos permitted on this message board's forums?

More about me in this thread later.