View Full Version : Issues Making Buttons/Badges

02-18-2017, 11:40 AM

I recently purchased a button/badge maker and I'm having an issue with the buttons crimping properly. The majority of the buttons I try to create end up pinched on the sides so the paper and plastic are actually separated from the metal which never seems to have an issue wrapping around the plastic back.

After reading a few message boards I saw that someone had actually rubbed a little lube / wd-40 on the second die that seems to do the crimping but I can't really say it's helped much or any. I've also adjusted all of the molds to different heights to try and test it out, which didn't seem to product any different results.

I've included some photos of the issues I'm having with the buttons as well.

Has anyone ever run into issues like this before? If so, how did you remedy the problem?

Any help here is greatly appreciated!