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10-12-2017, 05:11 AM
I have a friend who seems to think I have the answer to everything regarding crafts...(how wrong she is). I haven't seen her for over a year and she is someone I used to go out and sketch with, also shared space with her in the past at local Craft Fairs. She still does that...I can no longer travel..she is busy making little boxes and I understand covering them with decoupage.....she wants to put butterflies or flowers as decor on the top, I feel she should put thin ribbon bows with about 7 little loops to mount her decoration on top...but how to do this...what sort of glue? I have foam pads but they may not be strong enough. Would a heat gun be the best glue to use? Long time since I worked on such things, and I want to get it right for her...I think the idea is good and I can help her, albeit as "the backroom bod" these days. I have no idea what colour papers she has for the box decor, but I do have an assortment of ribbons.and somewhere some little silk butterlies...but would she be able to buy such things from Hobby Craft....as that would be her nearest store....(gosh, I may even be able to go with her) except she would not be able to push the wheelchair......horrid to have got to that stage, but never mind....not giving up.....I can give her some ideas and perhaps make some myself and send them to her......Any ides of decorating boxes would be much appreciated.....she may be coming this Thursday as my husband has decided we need space and he is going on his little holiday for 5 days to my step daughter 2 hours drive away....so time for me to get relaxing with my hobbies............

12-29-2017, 03:32 PM
This is far too late to be helpful at this point but next time just check Pinterest. There are TONS of ideas on there for stuff like this. It will blow your mind!