View Full Version : Life Cast Product Recommendation

11-04-2017, 12:30 AM
I'm new to the silicone mold/casting scene, and I was hoping I could get a recommendation on what I need to buy. My goal is to make a functioning, realistic, 3D printed prosthetic finger (pinky). So essentially the 3D printed parts would be the functioning aspect, and the life casted material would be the realistic aspect.

Short story: My brother had an accident, and he lost 2/3 of his right pinky. With that in mind, after I watched a bunch of YouTube videos, I was thinking I could use Platsil Gel-10 to make a cast of his left pinky, so it can be used as a prosthetic for his right. The idea being to make a hollow positive of the entire left finger, and use the bottom third of it as a sleeve to slip over the remaining section of his right finger. The rest of it would be filled with the 3D printed pinky.

Here is my question, what should I use for the hollow positive? In theory, he could potentially wear it for many hours at a time, so it'd need to be resilient, flexible, and safe to wear for long periods at a time.

Here is a 40 second video of the 3D printed finger I'll be using.

Thank you very much!