View Full Version : Son's senior project modeling clay ideas

11-20-2017, 11:44 AM
My son is in the final stages of his senior project for high school and part of that is to create different muscle groups representing the back muscles on the back of a plastic skeleton, think 5ft Halloween decoration type skeleton. He tried play dough because it comes in a lot of colors(he's using different colors to represent different muscle groups) and is fairly inexpensive. Well it dried out, cracked and is falling off. Anyone have any suggestions on something that is fairly inexpensive, comes in colors or can be colored using food coloring, easily shaped and won't dry out so much that it falls apart? He will have to transport this to his school by car and show his teacher so it needs to be fairly sturdy as well. I'm not opposed to making something at home from a recipe if necessary. Suggestions and ideas are welcomed!

11-23-2017, 12:47 AM
paper mache clay can be made with flour, water, salt, drywall mud and toilet paper.