View Full Version : best paint for jar lids

02-12-2018, 12:31 AM
I am currently attempting to hone in on the best paint for decorating the lids of spice jars. This would include achieving a decent opacity within a couple coats and more importantly be free of any kind of stickiness to the touch. The craft paint I currently have on hand is the one shown (Americana Gloss Enamels) has strengths in certain respects but fails at both the above criteria. Maybe I first need a primer to hide the black of the lids, and was also considering some kind of spray paint with a harder cured state that would not be as sticky with use. Something that is more durable or along the lines of being food safe that would not diffuse into the surroundings abrasion. Any thoughts on this matter of materials would be appreciated, or even leads to related communities that may have trade knowledge on the subject. Please see attached picture for a visual.