View Full Version : Pin Board help

12-10-2018, 10:46 PM
Hello im a newbie hoping for some help. I have decided to make my own pin board for enamel pins and had a few questions.

I bought a canvas and fabric with some iron on items and was wondering what would be the best way to attach everything.

I purchased spray adhesive and was going to spray the fabric to the canvas but i have iron on patches and was wondering can i iron them on after i have the fabric and canvas spray glued together. Im afraid if i do that and then try and iron on the patches it will burn the fabric or it will come unglued or worse. I also have a glue gun i bought.

Another qyestion i purchased some ribbon to outline the front should i spray adhesive it or just glue it. I dont think its ironable but this is kind if the same qurstion above.

My other question was i want to buy some glitter or glow in the dark fabric spray but was wondering was can i iron that on then the patches. While its glued to the canvas.

Sorry if this is confusing im new to the world of fabric and such and have some really nice ideas for a custom pin board. I should also mention i will not be using cork board i found something else to glue on the back to actually have the backs on the pins. I just want to make sure how to do things the fabric was custom and i cant find anymore of it

Thanks so much for any help.