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05-29-2019, 02:19 PM
Home immunization of bugs after spraying pesticides:
After cleaning the house, we must clean the house continuously and spray the sterilizers. When cleaning the house, some things must be done. The clothing must be cleaned by steam or placed in the sun until any microbes are found. In the sun continuously and must not be less time between each time the mattress is placed in the sun for five days where the sun cleans the mattress, when cleaning the curtains if possible put in the sun does not need to be cleaned with steam and if not able to be cleaned by steam and for a long time, It kills bugs and microbes.

Al-Hassa Corporation
Al-Hassa Corporation
Bugger bugs:
Bugs from insects, which multiply significantly when you are at home should not be tolerated in the elimination so as not to become a home for her and her children is not enough to live only, but feeds on the blood and prefer human blood and on this it is constantly bulldozing the human and These bites are caused by the itching, sensitivity and redness of the skin. Most of the children suffer from allergies. They do not cause swelling of the skin, such as biting. However, the pain that causes it is still easy. It lasts for a long period and it attracts the insect. A common family that is used by more than one individual is present In the family of hotels, hospitals and family brothers who share in the family.افضل شركة مكافحة حشرات (http://groupspaces.com/SMSMA/wiki/)