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05-29-2019, 02:21 PM
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Many of us suffer in search of a storage company in Riyadh; or a place to store furniture in it after the times when moving from your old residence or storing some furniture for certain reasons; or specific occasions or storage for not using it in your home at the present time; so if you are looking for A safe store for storing your furniture A transfer company in Riyadh; it has warehouses that are characterized by high cleanliness and free of any insects that may cause the wear or tear of furniture; also enjoy a high degree of safety to prevent any incidents of theft, rain or fire, whether temperature or electric wires .

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Furniture storage company in Riyadh
In the company of windows Alumran storage company Afesh in Riyadh, the most important thing we have is the protection and preservation of furniture and protect it from problems that may cause damage or depreciation, so storage warehouses have a very high level of insurance, so dear customer is sure that the place of storage in Riyadh
It is the right place to keep all property and receive it at the requested date as it is without any scratches or damage. And if any damage or loss of something from the furniture of the client to the company compensate the client in any way suitable for the owner of the
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Furniture storage warehouses in Riyadh
Our company works hard and constantly to clean the warehouse of any dust and eliminate insects that may cause damage to furniture and furniture customers, and this gives our company credibility and satisfaction to all customers in the way of the professional used by our company storage furniture in Riyadh. So if you need the best furniture storage company in Riyadh to store your furniture contact our company numbers and you will immediately receive a representative of the company and a team of workers to carry out the dismantling and packaging and transfer of your furniture as soon as possible.

Best Storage Warehouses in Riyadh
If you leave the furniture in the apartment or house that rents, it will cost you a lot of money and you will not find anyone who cares about the cleanliness and safety of the furniture in a period of absence. Therefore, the necessities of life made us think about finding a solution to this. The most frequent problem we found the most suitable solution is the construction of warehouses for storage of home furniture and corporate offices in quiet and planned places in a way that is easy to access and built with the latest methods and protection such as cleanliness of dust, insects and rodents
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