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09-05-2012, 11:43 PM
Pearls are a girls best friend, they are classy, elegant and stylish. This season chunky necklaces are a big hit so I have been on the hunt for a chunky pearl necklace, but after seeing a DIY Braided Necklace tutorial on Pinterest I decided to put my DIY hat on and make my own Braided Necklace using faux pearl beads. This was my first DIY necklace ever so it's not perfect but I Love it and have already worn it twice! I am planning to make a matching bracelet and another necklace that mixes small, medium and large pearls soon, so look for more diy pearl tutorials to come.

Here is a step by step Braided Pearl Necklace Tutorial. I hope you enjoy!

Here is what you will need

As a side note, I purchased all of my materials from Michael's but you can also find the materials needed at Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, Fabric Stores and even some Walmart's)

When it comes to the amount of beads, it depends on how long you want your necklace to be, I bought a pack that included 750 beads and I had quite a few left.


Start by cutting 6 pieces of string, all the same length. I cut mine about 15″ long. Next Tie a double/Triple knot on one of the strings and begin adding pearls


Once you have the desired amount of pearls lay the string so that the pearls don’t fall off (don’t tie a knot). Go to the next string and begin adding pearls until it’s the same length as the other string


Take one of the crimps and slide it over the two strings. This will connect them and create one “set” so to speak.


Before clamping the crimp in place tie a knot then using your your pliers squeeze the crimp in place. Be sure that the crimp covers the knot. As a side note, place the crimp about 2″ above where the beads end (this will be helpful in the next step)


Now you need to add a crimp to the other side; however you have to cut the double knots at the end so that you can get the crimp on. Once you get the crimp on, tie a knot as you did in the step above, this time make sure the knot is as close to the beads as possible. Now use the pliers just like the step above to clamp the crimp in place. You should now have a crimp on both ends of the “set”

Continue the steps above until you have 3 “sets”

Next you should connect all three sets to a Large Jump Ring


Connect that jump ring to your chain (the length will depend on how long you want your necklace to be, mine was about 4″ long. Next take another 4″ of chain and connect one end to another large jump ring.


Now secure one end of the chain, I used tape but if you have a clip board that would work nicely


Once the chain is secure begin braiding the three sets


When you get to the end, be sure to secure the clamps on the jump ring in an order so that i doesn’t unravel the last braid.


Guess what, we’re all done!!