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Metal "Under the sea"

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Posted 05-07-2018 at 07:03 AM by Alexandr

Good afternoon!

Made a composition of metal "On the sea".

I took auto parts, parts of mechanisms and other scrap metal, it was finalized by welding and a piece of art came out. I have used a MIG welder like this -

This time a little steampunk, romance, and adventure.

It was done especially in a somewhat brutal style, almost without the processing of seams, slightly a bit lame and careless.

First of all, of course, the plan, a whole bag of plans ... brrr, a whole sheet of A3.

A boat, but rather a bathyscaphe under the old days, under steampunk. Riveted body, ala "hello Jules Vershipwreckedtes treasure, a giant octopus, a shipwreck ship, a sunk anchor with a scrap of chain, plants, fish, and of course a diver. He also intended to make a min-horned death, but did not repeat himself once already did).

Didn't do the mermaids - while it is difficult to make them beautiful.

The hull of the boat was made of an old carbon dioxide fire extinguisher of the type OU, still with a tap, and not a lever. Now such do not make a flat bottom.

The fire extinguisher was used as a gas cylinder, then the valve was unscrewed.

The splint was made from a part of another balloon.

on the side covered with patches, scalded, cut strips, under the "wooden boards", especially unevenly, that would look sideways, collapsing, moss overgrown, eating fish, fond of jellyfish. The lock was made from a lock from the instrument box, handles from the chain links

I also made an anchor from the plug from the gearbox, a piece of round rod, a ring from the spinner and a couple of elements from the chassis of the laser printer. Everything's fine !

The octopus did in stages. The legs were made of forged nails. In the woods, a log cabin fell into a trumpet, with huge forged nails from forged 16mm fittings. I took the part, cut off the forged ends and seriously made the grinding wheel a tentacle made of them. I bent as I needed, and put it on the chest.

I still have not decided with his head

I also made plants from stripes of metal, having treated them properly with a hammer on a cold-bending in different ways on the vice, knocking with a hammer. I also prepared plants from separators for single-row and double-row bearings.

Another cut out of flat metal starfish and sea stingray, curved them wings, body, added welded texture.

The anchor was added a chain from the keychain. Back in the back I set several lilies, still making a streak on each sheet of welding.

I thought for a long time of what to do with the head of an octopus, as a result, a hammer without a handle was successfully caught, for which he was severely cut. Only the central part remained, the center under the handle brewed, made eyes and welded veins and wrinkles, like on the body of an octopus.

Also added to the chest a starfish, several balls in the form of a pile of cannonballs and a gnawed gear of a rear axle with a ball as a sea sponge or some kind of plant.

In the boat made round holes, drilled a bunch of holes and then rounded off everything with an electric tape.

On the windows went sawn along the timing gear.

The periscope of the bent rod with the addition of a segment of the steering finger-in the hole in the middle was installed on the deckhouse.

Attached the hatch.

All this was welded from the inside, then scraped round the felling and polished the top.

On the tail of the cylinder welded gear drive drive from the crankshaft motor Moskich 412 and the gear wheel oil pump VAZ 2109, pre-burned by the burner, the forks of the checkpoint as the tail fin.

A balloon from a pneumatic gun or went to a canister for a submarine, a thin wire line led to it.

also added a highway to the hull of the boat.

I added all the elements-the valve plate, the brake pipe part, the cable sheath, the oil pump insert, the pin from the printer on the boat's nose, the beam of the MBC Moskvich, part of the Moskvich gearshift, all sorts of small items.

Bottom welded "mites" like a bathyscaphe, that would grab the bottom of the items, and on top of the comb-cut enemy networks.

Just around the whole body made welding points, to simulate the riveted body.

At first I thought I'd make a boat of bars out of rods, made them different in length, so that the boat would stand at an angle, as if floating, then planned to cover up their foliage, But a great idea came to combine two in one. As a result, draped coasters for marine plants by welding .

I let the diver from the helmet of the diver for the boat bent bar-like the air supply hose.

I added a plant to the background, I made a long lily from the chain of the Soviet chainsaw on the right.

I thoroughly cleaned all the different bits of it, welded them together and covered them with a transparent varnish from the can.

Voila, it's ready.

The whole work took about 4.5 days, from deliberation to the finished product. This is the second work on this topic, so thoughts and workings already existed.

Dimensions of the product are 500mm long, 300mm wide, 250mm high.
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