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tiffwatson7 02-20-2013 01:23 PM

Advice for current project!!!
I've recently made a "remote control caddy" that hangs down from my bed (with the end with no pockets stuffed between the mattress and box spring). I made gusseted pockets, which may or may not be causing my problem...the remotes that go in the bottom pockets tilt outwards away from the bed. This is because there is too much space between the floor and where the box spring starts, so there's nothing on the bottom behind the caddy to hold the remotes straight. I folded a piece of cardboard to put behind it, which worked for a while, but now it's bent to where it provides no help.

Any creative ideas to reinforce this?!

gremlin 02-20-2013 06:09 PM

Depending on the material and how washable you want the caddy to be........

Sew a pocket/sleeve on the back to slide a support in. Instead of cardboard, you could use a piece of 1/4 inch plywood (very sturdy, but can be a bit heavy). Or, a piece of plastic canvas (may not be stiff enough). Or, strips of wood (the kind used for trim around windows, etc. - or firring strips) to make a frame to hold it stiff.

Another idea - put a strip of material (or string, or yarn, or elastic, or whatever) from the back of the pouch to the front of the pocket - to help hold the top of the pocket more stable. You could put a button or snap on it to make it more versatile.

Or, you could line the pockets themselves. Line with a cardboard box the appropriate size, or make a plastic canvas box, or something along those lines.

Adding extra weight to the pockets, do you have any problems with the caddy pulling out from between the box spring and the mattress? If so, you could attach velcro (or even a rough or textured material) to the part under the mattress to help keep it from sliding.

Oh, and I just noticed this was your first post - Welcome to CraftForum!

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