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Default Disney silhouette paintings

I am a huge Disney fan. I go to Disneyland an insane amount of times, sometimes by myself. But lately I have not been able to afford to go, so I've been having to express my love for Disney in different ways. My most recent outlet for my Disney love is through my crafting-- and while I have yet to master the art of crocheting an amigurumi Mickey Mouse, I have begun making these Disney silhouette paintings for mine and my boyfriend's bedroom (he's a Disney fan too. I know. It's love. )

We both like how the silhouette makes the painting a little more sophisticated. I like that it's so easy to do, that you can make them in a few hours! It's hardly worth making a tutorial for (because its SO easy), but I've gotten a few requests from people who have seen them and want to make their own. So here goes. 8)


Canvases. You can do just one or a series of paintings. It's up to you!
Acrylic paint. At least one color for the background, and one for the silhouette
Paint brushes. At least one small round brush for small details
Pencil with eraser
An image that you want to trace (print it out or make a paper copy)

Step One: Decide on your image.

IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE DISNEY. I have made a few nature-oriented ones as well. Just find a picture that you like, that you would be able to tell what or who it was, even if all you had was that outline. If you are doing a series, you can find multiple pictures, or split one picture into multiple paintings I find that it is the easiest to do when you find an online coloring page. It provides clear lines for you to follow in the next steps. Not necessary, just helpful!

Step Two: Paint your background

You can do whatever colors you want. All one color, or stripes, or a gradient of colors. Just as long as its simple, and you can see your chosen color for your silhouette over it (usually black, but you can use whatever colors you want.) Make sure you paint your background twice if you want to keep it from looking "streaky" and let it dry between coats. Since I used acrylic paint it dried really fast.

Step Three: Shade the back of your image

Flip your picture over and shade the back of it heavily with your pencil. Don't make more work for yourself and shade the whole thing, just the parts you are going to copy over to your canvas. I just want the outline of Ariel and Prince Eric's heads and torsos, so I won't be tracing any of the details on their faces or clothes, just their outlines.

Step Four: Trace it

Carefully follow the lines you want moved over with your pen. It helps if you tape your picture to the canvas once you have it centered the way you want. You need to press down with your pen hard enough to transfer over some of the pencil lead, but not so hard that you stab a hole in your canvas. That's a big bummer! When you finish, lift the paper off, and your image should be replicated in pencil on your canvas. If you are missing any lines, you can touch them up with your pencil directly onto the canvas, or if you're not so brave, add more pencil to the back of the paper and re-trace that part. This is also when you would want to add any of your own designs or elements. I decided I wanted some of those hanging-leaf-things that are in the background of this scene of the movie, so I penciled them in on the canvas.

Step Five: Trace your tracing

This part might look weird, but just don't think too hard about it and it will all turn out okay! All you are doing is tracing your pencil lines on your canvas with your paint and a small paintbrush (I used black. You can use whatever color you want). Follow the whole outline, and don't worry too much about line-thickness.

Step Six: Fill in the lines

Fill in your lines. You may need to put a second coat as well, if you didn't use black paint. You can use more than one color paint for different elements if you want to.

Step Seven: Hang and enjoy!

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Good job!
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That's really neat! I especially like the Peter Pan pics, with the midnight blue background and the characters done in black.


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Those are a great idea. Nice work.
I have two Disney fans in my house who would love those. Especially my 18 year old. She LOVES Ariel.
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Such an awesome idea! Thanks for using the Little Mermaid as an example. It is my absolute favorite.

I definitely want to make some mini silhouettes and hang them in the bathroom. Cute and sophisticated!
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